Time & Business Manager

Management of resources and terms

       TIME & BUSINESS MANAGER is a software solution that help businesses to handle efficiently their own resources and several term of they are involved in.
    The user of the application know in real time of the bussines terms, and he will be notified in several ways of their status and deadlines. Also, he will has a crystal clear image of his managed assets and the cost of their events. All through an efficient database system and a modern and pleasant environment.

Knowledge and control

Monitoring resources 

Direct and efficient control of the resources and events within the company.

Time management

Priority tasks

The user knows at any time the status of the events that he has in his management.

Notification planning

Email & SMS

Send emails or SMS notifications to several contacts following a plan or at the user request.

Synthesis situations

Reports and charts

Very customizable reports and charts, useful for user or for others.

Elegant and intuitive interface

Information management 

Graphical user interface ready to be used with minimal effort by user.

Updates and assistance

No hidden costs

Training and assistance   when purchasing the application. Constant and cost-free updates for clients.


TIME & BUSINESS MANAGER is a real tool for the user to handle the company's business and avoid situations that may endanger its proper functioning or even the business itself.

The ability to efficiently manage any type of human or material resource and the real-time knowledge of the state of all events in which they are involved, lead to an increase in the company's ability to obtain and capitalize their products or services. Also, monitoring human resource it is vital to the competitive edge the company has on the market. The knowledge and control actions generated by using this application, recommend it to improve the performance of the company.


The resources within company are involved in multiple events. Knowing the near-matched events and the costs they are involved, are treated in a particular way in the application. There is a separate module   with direct and fast access to terms for effective administration. The user will be more informed in few ways when new events occur.


The application can send email or SMS (alert / notification) when an event of an item is nearing to term. The user could attache easily the term of a particular event to a contact. Following this process, calling scheduling, the contacts will be automatically notified by the application about the events that are approaching the term. Also,  the user can send email or SMS directly to any contact, without having to deal with the planning of the notifications.


Reports are the elements that cannot miss from a management application. The report module is designed specifically for this application. Being very customizable, the user can create and save reports exactly as needed. Reports can be created from simple ones with a few sorted columns, up to the complex ones with multiple groups, order number, totals and images. 

Also, charts is an extremely useful tool for a manager. TIME & BUSINESS MANAGER has a chart module that, with a variety of options, can build graphs to meet any requirements. Using the "column" or "pie", "2D" or "3D" style, the user can create graphs that help track event costs.


TIME & BUSINESS MANAGER has been created to be as user-friendly as possible. The menus and forms, all has been created in order to help user to get the answers with minimum efforts. The forms or screens contain several elements that has been created special for this application. From simple forms with few elements, to complex ones that present an overview, all are coming to user help in order to generate time and effort savings.


The technical support are very well developed and the application is presented in detailed way. Together with intuitive style of screens, we are an important help for user when he use the application. Also, NetPro Software provide support and training for future users of the application. 

Because TIME &BUSINESS MANAGER was created to be a real help for the user, he will be constantly updated to fit all needs. These updates will be free of charge for clients.